Gas Lock Adjustable Front Sight

Our newest product the Gas Lock Adjustable Front Sight is a major improvement for the M14 rifle platform.  Using a gas lock front sight has traditionally limited the end-user to a fixed timing position for the front sight, which often ends up being canted one way or the other due to the variations in barrels, gas cylinders and gas plugs.

Our adjustable gas lock sight allows a wide range of adjustment so you can can zero your front and rear sights to achieve point of aim to point of impact compliance.


The version offered is designed for a 22" barrel when using a standard USGI front sight.  18" barrels required a taller front sight, which can be purchased separately using the option below. 


Material:  4140 pre hardened

Finish:  Black Matte Nitride to .002" depth

Origin:  100% Made in the United States of America

Compatible with all standard USGI gas lock threads and does not require a special gas cylinder wrench.  Any standard gas cylinder wrench will work. 


Gas Lock Adjustable Front Sight
  • Item #: GLAFS
  • Manufacturer: Wolfe Precision Manufacturing LLC
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