Krieger M14 Barrel

We order Krieger barrels for the M14 unchambered and uncrowned.  We rough cut, finish ream, and set the barrel timing to your receiver all while the barrel is trued in the lathe to minimize runout and maximize potential accuracy. 

We currently offer the Modified Obermeyer chamber, our tightest match chamber to be used exclusively by those who are proficient with reloading and the Wolfe modified match chamber for more flexibility in using factory and reloaded ammunition. 

All barrels will be cut and crowned, and chamber will either be short chambered or finish reamed to headspce properly on your receiver.  If you select the finish reaming option, we will turn your barrel shoulder concentric to the bore and will set your final headspace and install the barrel to your receiver. 

Select chamber specifications, barrel profile and twist in the option box below.


Krieger M14 Barrel
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  • Item #: KRIEGERM14
  • Manufacturer: Krieger
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