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Bula Defense Ejector Spring and Plunger Bula Defense Extractor Plunger Bula Defense Forged M14 Bolt
Bula Defense Ejector Spring and PlungerBula Defense Extractor PlungerBula Defense Forged M14 Bolt

M14 Bolt Ejector Spring and Plunger, milled from bar stock. 

Bolt ejector plunger and spring. Milled from bar stock and nitrided for a long service life.

We are pleased to offer the Bula Defense forged M14 bolt. This bolt is stripped, but a complete bolt parts kit can be added below. All bolt components are new Bula Defense manufactured with the exception of the extractor. Includes either a hard...




Bula Defense M14 Extractor M1 Garand Bula Defense Phosphate Firing Pin
Bula Defense M14 ExtractorM1 Garand Bula Defense Phosphate Firing PinM14 Bolt Rehab Kit

Bula M14 Extractor

Phosphated M1 Garand Firing Pin-Forged

M14 Bolt Rehab Kit




M14 Bolt Roller Greaser
M14 Bolt Roller Greaser

The inventor of this bolt roller greaser sent us a sample and we