Wolfe Match Standard Weight 5R/20 M14 Barrel 22"

***All 22" WMSW barrels are now rifled with our proprietary 5R/20 rifling***

These are currently at the nitriding facility.  Expected ship date is January 2021.

"Pound for pound, this is the best M14 barrel in terms of accuracy, corrosion resistance, weight and barrel life on the market."  It has a superior external design, chamber dimensions, and finishing process that puts it into a class of its own. 

Weight:  2.45 lbs. 22" Barrel (USGI Standard Profile Barrel weight = 1.95 lbs)

Material:  4140

Twist: 1/11

Grooves: 5R/20

Finish: SBN1025 Salt Bath Nitride

Length: 22"

Exterior Hardness~: 44 to 49 RC Bore and Exterior Respectively

Core Hardness~: 32-34 RC


If you are looking for a multi-purpose match grade M14 barrel without significantly increasing the weight or your rifle, our Wolfe Match Standard Weight barrel is an excellent choice.  The WMSW was designed from breach to muzzle to maximize accuracy, barrel life and corrosion resistance without increasing weight significantly.

The barrel diameter starts at 1.1" and maintains that diameter for 2.5 inches.  This allows a better fit for common barrel vices and eliminates the thin profile of the original M14 USGI contoured barrel.  A common problem in installing USGI contour M14 barrels is the slope of the barrel diameter on the breach end.  This slope makes it difficult to properly lock a barrel in the vice. 

From this point, we specified a diameter of .770" all the way to the gas cylinder.  The op rod guide seat is kept at its original dimension, so this barrel can be used on any of the SAGE, Rogue, Troy, or JAE chassis system stocks. 

The barrel maintains a diameter of .600" from the gas cylinder splines to the flash hider splines.  This diameter from the gas cylinder splines forward makes our barrel the largest diameter M14 barrel in production for this length of the barrel.  This has the benefit of increased rigidity in the portion of the barrel that is subjected to the most whip.  Additionally, this allows the barrel threads to be removed and the barrel re-crowned for those of you in states that restrict features such as threaded barrels.

The finish on our WMSW barrels is a salt bath nitriding process called SBN1025.  As a result of this process, our barrels will be at least 50% more corrosion resistant and last nearly as long as hard chrome.  Additionally, the SBN1025 process will have a deep matte black finish that cannot be easily removed like parkerizing or phosphating. 

Please note:  

If you install this barrel and the headspace is too tight for your receiver and bolt combination, this chamber will require a carbide reamer due to it being nitrided.  It is a finished chamber and will fit most commercially available receivers, however some receiver and bolt combinations will require reaming. 


Wolfe Match Standard Weight 5R/20 M14 Barrel 22"
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