Wolfe Medium Weight M14 22" Barrel w/ New Op Rod Guide

**This is the last batch of this special edition barrel.  Limited Stock** September 2017

The Wolfe Modified Medium Weight barrel is the most accurate chrome lined barrel available for the M14.  For those who want a match grade chrome lined barrel that is capable of competing ATC the WMMW is your choice. 

Material: 4140 with Hard Chrome Bore

Rifling:  4 lands and grooves

Chamber:  Final Chambered with chrome bore and chamber

Twist:  1/11

Length:  22"

Weight:  3.1 lbs.


The standard and medium weight M14/M1A barrels have been constrained by the use of the standard size USGI operating rod guide. While the standard medium barrel currently in production is a better alternative to the standard weight barrel for the accuracy minded shooter, its diameter remains constrained by the standard issue USGI op rod guide and therefore requires a significant step down to accommodate the use of the small op rod guide. The only alternative is to use the heavy pattern barrel, which requires an oversized op rod guide, which typically requires gunsmith installation. The heavy pattern barrel also has an op rod guide that extends up above the upper plane of the heaviest part of the barrel and can contact the handguard and create a pressure point in the barrel if not properly modified.  Our barrel uses an entirely new slip on single pin op rod guide in order to increase the overall diameter of the barrel so there is no steep step down at the op rod guide, the barrel tapers slightly all the way to the gas cylinder and maintains greater diameter for increased rigidity and accuracy potential.

The barrel starts at 1.1 inches and only tapers to .9 inches all the way to the gas cylinder where it steps down just like every other M14 barrel so that it's legal for high power service rifle matches. We also changed the material of the op rod guide to match the barrel material so that both the op rod guide and the barrel use 4140 steel. By using 4140 steel for the op rod guide, the two parts will expand at a more similar rate. An additional feature of the barrel is the op rod guide was designed to be flush with the largest diameter of the barrel so that when the op rod guide is installed, it does not protrude from the top plane of the barrel and therefore does not contact the hanguard individually like the heavy weight pattern barrels; further increasing the accuracy potential of the rifle.

The op rod is precision made to more precisely mate to the op rod guide seat to make installation less cumbersome. Additionally, the barrel will be knurled on the op rod seat to ensure a snug fit between the barrel and op rod guide using only one pin and minimal epoxy or heat resistant adhesive. The op rod guide will not require drilling and can be installed by the end-user if so desired. The barrel is 1/11 twist, with four lands and grooves and is hard chrome plated.

Wolfe Medium Weight M14 22" Barrel w/ New Op Rod Guide
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