Wolfe Modified Medium Weight Fluted 18.5"

To compliment our new Modified Medium Weight Barrels, we've recently added an 18.5" version with 8 flutes to decrease weight and to dissipate heat more rapidly.  All our 18.5" barrels use a 1/10 twist with 4 lands and grooves.  The bore and chamber are chrome lined.

The fluting process adds significant machine time to each barrel, which is why it's our most expensive barrel.  It is however the only production barrel that is fluted in the US. 

This barrel is designed for precision applications where weight and lenght are secondary to portability, accuracy and sustained fire. 

Weight:  2.85 lbs. (22" USGI barrel 1.95 lbs)

Lenght: 18.5"

Material: 4140

Twist: 1/10

Grooves: 4


Add shop installation and receive a $30 discount over our standard barrel install rate!



Wolfe Modified Medium Weight Fluted 18.5"
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  • Item #: WMMWF
  • Manufacturer: Wolfe Precision Manufacturing LLC
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